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Corporate Member dues currently are $2,600 annually. Space is limited to just three per product or service category. Therefore, once approved each Corporate Member will be a featured and highlighted member of such product or service category and generally deemed to represent the best in Southern California. EMC’s monthly catered networking events will give each Corporate Member an opportunity to meet and network with our Individual Members, as well as, educate them on the products and services Corporate Members provide and which they and the estates they manage may benefit from utilizing. From time to time and depending on the event theme and location Corporate Members may be given the opportunity to present and teach to the group as a whole. Additionally, each Corporate Member’s logo will be digitally displayed and highlighted for all other Members at EMC events and on its website.

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About EMC
The EMC is a group of Estate Managers who recognized a need in the market place for a group started by Estate Managers. As a growing entity, we are setting the standards for our members and helping to elevate the lifestyles for our employers. The expectation of excellence within the group is not just a notion, but a requirement.

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