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EMC Staffing Has An Unparalleled Approach To Private Service Residential Placement

With a broad experience staffing households for A-list celebrities, financiers and Forbes 500 industrialists, we’re on a mission to help outstanding estate managers and household staff to obtain and keep the job of their dreams. 

Our trusted network of estate managers, butlers, housekeepers, personal shoppers and stylists, image consultants, childcare professionals, private chefs and nutritionists, personal trainers, private jet and yacht crew, event planners, executive assistants and security professionals, is here to set up your household for a smooth, impeccable sail. 

All jobs are shared through our private international network of trusted estate managers and household professionals. 

EMC Cooking Master Class with Private Chef Network | Photo by Tom Pascucci

EMC Cooking Master Class with Private Chef Network | Photo by Tom Pascucci

EMC Staffing Facts:

• We are a non-profit run entirely by actual working Estate Managers everywhere from Los Angeles to NY.

• Fees are a fraction of what other agencies charge.

• Our inside knowledge of Private Service excellence is why we are the only industry agency that understands the experience required for these positions.

• As working Estate Managers, we have “our finger on the pulse” at all times and access to the best international resources.

• Highly-skilled candidates have already gone through intense screening by our team for the most compatible employee-to-employer match. We are committed to merging the best people, not the first available people.

• EMC knows the most intimate requirements necessary for successful Domestic Staffing, which begin with discretion and confidentiality.

• We have built our entire business around understanding Lifestyle Management and Service Expectations for private residences around the World.

Personal Shoppers | @VisualTherapyNY

Personal Shoppers | @VisualTherapyNY

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About EMC
The EMC is a group of Estate Managers who recognized a need in the market place for a group started by Estate Managers. As a growing entity, we are setting the standards for our members and helping to elevate the lifestyles for our employers. The expectation of excellence within the group is not just a notion, but a requirement.

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